SummerCAMP 2020 - Molecular Gastronomy (兒童分子料理)

SummerCamp 2020

SummerCAMP 2020
Cooking Classes
thePatsy's Summer Camp is designed to suit children aged 7 and up.  All menus will be led by our professional chefs to introduce different culinary techniques, healthy diet and the importance of kitchen safety & hygiene. 

thePatsy’s Summer Camp 2020 starts from 22nd June to 28th August, 2020. Every Monday to Friday from 10:30pm - 2:00pm; lunch about 12noon to 12:30pm.  Learn how to cook some amazing healthy and delicious dishes in this 3.5-hour workshop each day.
Workshop includes: - Food & Kitchen Safety - Hands on cooking & Demo Dishes

* Molecular Gastronomy 兒童分子料理
Wednesdays :  1st July / 15th July / 29th July / 12nd August / 26th August

Molecular Gastronomy for Kids 
Amazing cooking science for kids of all ages! In these fun packed lessons, students will learn how science is applied to cooking.  Students will learn how to make caviar with fruit juice; yogurt spheres with a thin gel membrane on the outside and delicious yogurt inside; learn how to transform Nutella into a powder that instantly melts in your mouth; do you know you can make fresh fruit sashimi?  Come and learn the tricks and treats of molecular gastronomy this summer!

兒童份子料理烹調班                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            這是一個連小孩子也能成功做到的美妙烹飪旅程!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       在課堂中, 小孩子將學習到如何將科學應用於烹調上, 製作美味的果汁魚仔、酸奶乳酪球, 外面是薄薄的凝膠膜, 裡面是美味的酸奶乳酪; 還有如何將朱古力榛子酱轉化為粉末, 使其在口中瞬間融化; 以及新鮮水果怎樣變身為生魚片等, 都像魔法般呈現在你面前。

Single or multiple camps are available for booking.
Price: HK$990 Exclude Lunch (Please bring your own Lunch)
          HK$1050 Include light lunch with juice

*Attend any 5 classes and above with 5% off on the total fee.  
PLUS One pc thePatsy Lunch /Cupcake/Takeaway Box for free (Cupcakes not included, 3 styles to choose from)
*Additional 5% discount for siblings booking the “same class”. Please note the discount will only apply to the second child and after.
All classes must be paid and confirmed at least 14 days in advance.
All supplies and ingredients will be provided.
All take out boxes and paper bags are provided, feel free to bring your own container.
All workshops are in a small group, from scratch, hands on and demo.
No baking or cooking experience is required.
PLEASE bring your own water bottle & mask.
Kids must take temperature upon arrival and are required to wear a mask throughout the class, except tasting and having lunch.
Please bring your own mask otherwise $10 will be charged for your child’s  mask.
* All Images are for reference only.

Date and Time :

1 Jul 2020 (Wed) 10:30am - 2:00pm (FULL)
15 Jul 2020 (Wed) 10:30am - 2:00pm (FULL)
29 Jul 2020 (Wed) 10:30am - 2:00pm (FULL)
12 Aug 2020 (Wed) 10:30am - 2:00pm (FULL)
26 Aug 2020 (Wed) 10:30am - 2:00pm

Lunch :

Excluding Lunch $990
Including Lunch $1050
Siblings ONLY Excluding Lunch $940.50
Siblings ONLY Including Lunch $1000.50